I was labeled with dyslexia and ADHD in 5th grade, defined by what I couldn’t do. Today, I lead Eye to Eye, the national grass roots mentoring movement that’s determined to show anyone with LD / ADHD (Learning Disability / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) exactly what he or she can do.

Eye to Eye and other organizations are helping hundreds of thousands with LD / ADHD lead successful lives. And while our generation has benefited from greater acceptance, legal protection, and certain accommodations for the way we learn and think differently, there are still millions more like us – young and old – who need our help. There is more work to be done.

I’m writing the book of what’s possible with LD / ADHD.

This is our movement’s next giant step in reaching out to help others. The book will be the definitive owner’s manual – written from our perspective – on how people with LD / ADHD learn, think, and grow. This is our story; the blueprint for anyone with LD / ADHD to achieve success when given the right support. Watch the video to learn more.

Keep our movement moving!

While I am now taking a sabbatical to write the book, our movement will continue to change lives thanks to your help. Continue the work you’re doing and be sure to sign up for the latest updates on the book.

I’ll see you soon – in the meantime, stay engaged with your Eye to Eye allies listed below.

To the future,