Thinking Differently
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“… VERDICT: Flink imparts clear insights and immediate solutions for parents, educators, and professionals working with children with learning disabilities …”
Library Journal

“… In this inspiring book, Flink [calls for] all with LD/ADHD to accept their condition, and share it with others so that the world will eventually accept all types of learners equally …”
Publisher’s Weekly

Wendy Kopp

Wendy Kopp, Founder of Teach For America & CEO of Teach For All

In pursuit of ensuring an excellent education for all students and especially those with learning disabilities, David Flink shares essential guidance for how to play a leading role in empowering children (with Learning Disabilities) to succeed in school and in life. What a hopeful, optimistic book!

Philip Schultz

Philip Schultz, Author of My Dyslexia and winner of the Pulitzer Prize

I wish I’d read David Flink’s Thinking Differently when my wife and I first learned our son was dyslexic; its clear and informed guidance would have spared us a lot of confusion and duress. I’m saying this not only as a parent but as a dyslexic who suffered many of the difficulties outlined in this wonderfully insightful book that strives – brilliantly at times, I should add – to shine a light on the fear and often unnecessary pain a learning disability so often results in. This book will stand out for the vigor of its insights and warm intelligence.


Drs. Brock L. and Fernette F. Eiddie, Authors of the Dyslexic Advantage and the Mislabeled Child

David Flink – the most important leader of his generation in the growing movement to promote the beauty and benefits of cognitive diversity – achieves two hugely important tasks in this marvelous book. He shares the key things LD/ADHD students (and their families) need to know to meet the challenges that those who think differently most often face, and he conveys the inspiring news that these individuals should never feel alone, for they are part of a wonderfully talented and creative community, and, by coming together, they can grow, thrive and love life and themselves as never before.

Ned Hallowell

Dr. Ned Hallowell, Author of Delivered from Distraction and Founder of the Hallowell Center

David Flink has devoted his – thankfully – still young life to the cause of learning differences. Reading his book, which is engagingly personal as well as reliably informational, brought tears of joy to my eyes, because I see David’s heroic work as representative of the brave and persistent labor millions of unusual learners put in every day to succeed – often against great odds – enriching and changing our world dramatically for the better as they do.

Alan Alda

Alan Alda, actor and writer

I have grandchildren with learning differences, and I’ve seen how the techniques in this book can save someone’s life. But this is not just a handbook for survival – it’s a chance to see your children and grandchildren soar, reaching heights you and they might never have imagined.

Harold S. Koplewicz

Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz, President of the Child Mind Institute

What makes this book most meaningful is it helps the rest of us help kids with learning issues and, perhaps more importantly, it helps us to understand them.